ALOC (a.life.of.choice.) is a Colorado-based video production and photography company, focused on the progression of art, lifestyle and culture. Our goal is to collaborate with like-minded individuals, and provide cost-effective, professional media services.

With video and visual content at the forefront of marketing and identity, we strive to develop creative media that will catalyze both personal and professional endeavors. Through the craft of story telling, we aim to share your vision. Working in various industries, we collaborate with artists, musicians, small businesses and non-profits to create meaningful projects that fit your budget.

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Media projects

  • ALOC Media's Creative Director and Cinematographer Matt Diss took a trip to Los Angeles for inspiration. During his time in the LA, he captured some...
  • Matt and Scott take a trip to Fort Collins for FoCo Cafe's Bike-in Music Festival, perhaps the safest festival on the planet because nobody drives....
  • ARISE Music Festival is always one of our favorite times of the year. It's our team's chance to let loose and capture the camaraderie of a family-friendly,...